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08.Feb.2010 #362



You know, after getting submissions like this and this and this, someone saying “is” instead of “are” on their status update doesn’t really bother me. Apparently Daphne has higher standards. Next time she’s going to school someone on their gammer, though, she should make sure she sends her critiques through spell check and tries reaaaaaaaally hard to not become a lesson in irony. It’s like Paris Hilton telling everyone to start wearing underwear.

Thanks for submitting, K!

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  • Lassie says:

    I also like how we have to point out the mistake of using ” instead of ‘… like that’s the worst thing going on here…

  • The enforcer says:

    I can overlook facetious grammar and orthography (that’s a smart word for “spelling”) corrections, but Michelle’s comment left me cringing. REALLY? The superbowl is on? Thanks for saving the day, Captain Obvious!

  • The enforcer says:

    *** I’m asuming the corrections are facetious, since Daphne chose to correct grammar instead of educating those fools about superbowl

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