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22.Feb.2010 #377


Great story. Truly one for the grandkids. I feel as Tania’s life is a reality TV show in the making — it would be rich with scenes of Tania getting hit on and her getting all up in the guy (or girl’s) grill. The show could be called “The Logo On Tania’s Ass” or “YOUR AN IDIOT BCUZ” or even just “SIKE…” What do you guys think? Any more ideas?

Thanks for submitting, M!

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  • OldPandaDayz says:

    Does anyway even say “sike” anymore? I thought that went out of style along with “Blossom” and neon scrunchies

  • JanxAngel says:

    I would want to tell her that she’s an idiot for wearing a logo on her ass. Seriously, I can think of few things more trashy than having something splashed across there begging people to stare. Then she wonders why people notice her butt is big…

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