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25.Feb.2010 #382


The Diary of Anne Frank Nicole:
Dear diary, today my cast and I went to the park. I think I’m falling in love.
Dear diary, my foot is so swollen that it’s spilling out the sides of my cast. My cast is blue.
Deary diary, my cast and I had a sexy photoshoot today. I smell a new profile pic!
Dear diary, cast cast cast casty cast cast.

Thanks to N. for submitting!

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  • Nunquam says:

    Wait… if I’m reading this correctly, it goes from the bottom-up, chronologically. So, Saturday was DAY THREE of being in a cast, and she has a cast profile picture… so at least two days later (a Monday, I presume?), she states that she has a new cast.

    A “new” cast that she still had with the past three updates….

    Wait, seriously?

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