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11.Mar.2010 #400

jim2You know I love it when people post about their chest workouts. But for some reason this post didn’t please me in the same way. Maybe that’s because after I read it and went to bed last night, this frightening lady appeared in my dreams, in a string of disturbing nightmares where she tried to crush my skull between her bulging pecs:

shirtlessgrammaI blame my own imagination for the addition of the Richard Simmons mini-shorts, but Jim is definitely to blame for the nightmares. It was cool of him to throw in the JCR papers and ‘Lost’ references at the end, but I am still stuck on his topless gramma, and have lost my lunch approximately four dozen times.

Thanks for sending, K!

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  • Shannon says:

    Apparently, his profile picture is there so you can keep track of his pec progress.


    And I’m not sure if I’ll look at dear ol’ granny the same, ever again.

  • Mike says:

    There’s a stripper named Blondie at the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta that can crush beer cans between her breasts.

    This is what passes for a “local celebrity” when Elton John and Usher are both out of town.

  • arcana07 says:

    Who wants to bet that “Jim” doesn’t actually look like that? Or that he’s actually sucking in a gargantuan beer gut?

    Somehow I can’t imagine someone this shallow having the intellectual temerity to write a “JCR paper” or watch “Lost”. He probably thinks People magazine is highbrow literature.

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