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25.Mar.2010 #418

This girl is just a hot-bed of annoyingness – and keep in mind she is 29 years old. To answer your question, Becky, when people’s unemployment runs out they get a job. Or if you’re lazy, start blogging instead.

I’m also pretty convinced that a 9 year old submitted this image… so… thanks for submitting, K.!

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  • Nunquam says:

    … I think the only way that this is excusable is if Becky has some sort of actual disability that prevents her from getting a job. I understand that the economy’s jacked and all, but at least put some effort into it!


  • Mary says:

    I don’t even own a car and I have a job! My pets eat regularly though.

  • Jesh says:

    I totally get this. Lately tons of my former classmates have been getting pregnant, then engaged, then filing for unemployment, food stamps, and passport, all the while spending what they do earn from their four hour shift at McDonald’s on iPhones and booze for beer pong. And lots and lots of Taco Bell. Sincerely. I don’t get it. They openly admit they just don’t want to work more than 15-20 hours a week (who does?). It’s gross. Ugh.

  • Chelsea says:

    I can’t believe this woman owns a HORSE on unemployment. Never mind the kayak and the tanning.

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