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22.Apr.2010 #453

Oh… no. Wait, what? Ok, Andrea, that’s gross. I can’t believe you thought to take the time to write this down, let alone on facebook. What could be worse than revealing this information?? Oh wait, there’s more?
status146.2And there it is. Thanks for submitting T!

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  • Mellin says:

    Not that this isn’t NASTY when you don’t know what they are talking about, but I am pretty sure it’s a resueable diaper sale. They are pretty expensive new, and as long as they aren’t stained, have a high resale value too.

  • Nunquam says:

    Well, to her credit, ladymilk is known to help with eye infections.

    BUT, Facebook doesn’t need to know that. At all. *shudder*

  • weregoat says:

    please tell me these aren’t real….

  • Kore says:

    I’m also sure that she means “not new” cloth diapers.

    I’m all for consignment and thrift shops, but “Happybottomus”? Just because it’s kid-related, doesn’t mean the store has to have a stupid name.

  • Nothing is too good for her used baby.

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