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06.May.2010 #471

What was submitted (thanks N!):
What I see:

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  • Ever says:

    Considering it looks like Stephanie is the one who sent it in, this is hilarious that you called her out on being lame. Ahaha.

  • Mike says:

    I don’t think Stephanie sent it in. She just recognized herself on it.

  • Ever says:

    Umm…. she did. Look at her comments; they have ‘delete’ next to it. Stephanie is the only one that could have sent this in.

  • arcana07 says:

    Ha ha, she *did* submit it! Probably thought she’d be zinging Ron in an ultimate way by having this posted on the site. Guess what? LOL. (Thanks for pointing this out, Ever.)

  • Turnish says:

    You guys win! I did totally submit this 😛 I didn’t do it for myself; I know my comments were lame. They’re more or less in-jokes that suck between me and Timothy.

    I saw Kel’s comment though and had to share it with the world. 😛

  • arcana07 says:

    Turnish, don’t worry; you get extra bonus points for zinging yourself and even more extra bonus points for being capable of laughing at yourself, so you’re back in the land of the awesome.

    Ok, back to snarkville.

  • Turnish says:

    Thanks Arcana 😉

  • AmbulanceGirl says:

    So, if Stephanie did submit it, why does it say “thanks N!” for submitting it?? Was it submitted twice? Or was the initial changed? I guess it doesn’t really matter, but it does make me suspicious.

  • Turnish says:

    Naw, I just sent it from a different email address, cause that’s the one I was logged into at the time 😛

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