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10.May.2010 #474

While you were wasting time on Mother’s Day having brunch with your boring old mom and awkward childless aunt, adorable soon-to-be teenage mom Shea (age 18) celebrated mothers day by dreaming of booze all day long. So… don’t you feel stupid, brunch-man.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Well look at her, all grown up, refraining from drinking while pregnant. What a sacrifice! Here’s a medal. And some condoms.

  • Kore says:

    I’m sure she’ll be an alcoholic in a couple of years. Her kid will need a support group by the time she’s two.

  • arcana07 says:

    Kore is probably going to be proven eerily correct.

    Ignoring how stupid the name “Shea” is and how even more stupid it is that Stupid Name is pregnant at 18 (really, you should take the time to understand who you are as an individual and hold off on getting preggers until you’re 25 AT LEAST), but how the fuck does Stupid Name even get so acquainted with those hard liquor drinks that she’s craving them?! Pardon me for being straitlaced, but unless your family was the kind that gave you an occasional small glass of wine with a meal, shouldn’t you really wait until you’ve turned 21 to partake in potent potables?

  • selianth says:

    Let’s be real here, it’s probably how she got pregnant in the first place.

  • Turnish says:

    My favorite part is how she’s refraining from breaking the law. Props!

    Now, the fact that she’s pregnant, it’d honestly be kind of douchey to judge her for that alone (if it were a case of carelessness, then hey- at least she’s keeping her kid, though with her love of booze, that may not be the best thing), but really. TWENTY-ONE.

    It’s probably the southern bigot in me, but really guys!

  • AmbulanceGirl says:

    Every time I read one of these I can’t help but think the person is just bragging. “Hey, look at me! I can get pregnant and I’ve tasted alcohol before! I’m so grown up!” She probably had a sip of her step dad’s beer once and pretends she loves whiskey now.

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