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27.May.2010 #499

vacationslides4vacationslides3vacationslides2vacationslidesFirst of all, the only way you can force me to look at your vacation slides is if you have me over for dinner, fill me up with delicious food, get me drunk, and then “accidentally” seduce me into your sitting room and “stumble upon” the photos. You know, like “oh, look… what the?? Oh these are my pictures from Aruba! I’ve been looking for them forever. Oh, what memories. Hey, want to take a quick peek?” Do not try to force hundreds and hundreds of Facebook friends — who don’t give a rat’s ass — to look at your pictures. And A’s “pictures” aren’t even pictures at all, but Google views of places she’s been.

That’s the other problem. I hate it when people study abroad and say they “lived” in that country. The study abroad experience is quite different than the living abroad experience — with the later you are without a support system that holds your hand through a structured program. With the former, it’s more like an extended Spring Break. Trust me — I’ve done both. And I happen to know A and know that she is reminiscing about studying abroad more than three years ago — old news, old news! I had to hear about it then, and I’m still hearing about it now. Time to go somewhere new and beat me over the head with stories from that experience.

Finally, the comments, obviously from the only people who care (people who studied abroad with A), are kind of pretentious. Maybe these people should all move to a remote French village together and roll around naked in Brie all day. Let’s just hope that those sleepy, picturesque towns don’t have access to Facebook.

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