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01.Jun.2010 #504

What, Gary Coleman dies and suddenly everyone’s a comedian?

If there’s one thing tackier than “honoring” the dead on your status, it’s following it up with a bad joke. At least think of something more creative.

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  • Fred says:

    I love how ppl just assume he’s going to see God… what if he went to Hell??

  • OldPandaDayz says:

    You know, considering they stooped to the level of honoring a dead B-grade celebrity in their FB status you’d think at least one of those people would have spelled Gary Coleman’s last name right.

    Also what about Dennis Hopper? No Easy-Rider afterlife jokes?

  • Turnish says:

    Where’s the “Montage!” tag? :c

  • Anonymouse says:

    Out of all the jokes that appeared in my feed, this would have been the least offensive, but no one was clever enough to come up it. Much mention was made of the tragedy of this SHORT life ending though.

  • Mary says:

    I heard he suffered from a few different strokes.

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