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03.Jun.2010 #508

Some solutions to this problem include, but are not limited to:
—Not renting movies in Blu-Ray
—Shutting the hell up

Thanks to J. for submitting!

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  • ant says:

    A friend was just telling my a similar story about his mom…
    Mom ordered a DVD player online. It came and was a Blu-Ray. She couldn’t get it to work in her DVD player. Friend explained that it would only work in a Blu-Ray player.
    Mom went out and bought a Blu-Ray player.
    Turns out, Mom’s TV won’t accommodate it. I don’t know if she went out and bought a new tv.

  • ant says:

    Whoops… the first item was just a DVD, not a player.

  • Paul says:

    who the hell is she…calling products elitist…thats hippy speak

  • Charlotte says:

    ant, that’s a pretty funny story – sounds like something I’d do.

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