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01.Jul.2010 #542

YSIA_1Yeah, we can’t fucking wait ’till you get out of cell/internet/power range, too. GET. OUTTA TOWN GIRLFRIEND. We’ll let you know when you can come back.

Thanks for sending, S!

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  • Mike says:

    “I hope my allergies are better out there”

    In the middle of pollenating trees and grass and amoung dander carrying animals and loads of dirt? Well hope is a nice thing.

  • sk says:

    I dunno…someone’s excited about a camping trip for a variety of reasons (getting out of town, not working, seeing Family – though what’s with the title case? Does she mean in the Charles Manson sense??), we’re talking a grand total of 4 posts over (apparently) three days. What’s so annoying about this?

  • tigerlily says:

    It is worth ONE post. Four posts is obsessive and self-absorbed. Posting that much implies that it is really big news. Millions of people are probably going camping this weekend. And they aren’t all obsessively posting about it.

  • joan says:

    Mike: she could be allergic to mold or dust or something. *shrugs*

  • Sissyopinion says:

    What if a friend of yours called you four times over three days to tell you about their upcoming camping trip? Would that annoy you?

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