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13.Jul.2010 #558

Nailed it, Peter. I guess with all the drinking you do it was inevitable that this would happen. And I guess with all the status updating you do is was inevitable that you would end up on here three times (see here and here).

Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

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  • Mike says:

    Really YSIA? Don’t you think he should be applauded for ending up on HER three times, that quite a feat for one night when drunk don’t you think :)

  • Lit says:

    No, Peter is a dumbass, and YSIA should post the hell out of him until he finally catches on to his place in history. As THE #1 Douchebag ever.

  • ladycrim says:

    Don’t worry, Peter. They have no case against you! It’s not like you bragged in writing about how drunk you … oh. Bummer.

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