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17.Aug.2010 #599

status214The infamous petitepost caused quite a stir here on YSIA, and I have to say that despite my love for all you petite fans out there (lylas) – it’s still annoying when a skinny bitch “complains” about being so skinny. No one feels bad for you.

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  • tigerlily says:

    Agreed. You never hear us biggies doing that bragging-that’s-supposed-to-sound-like-complaining thing when you can’t get anything in a size 18. Which, in fact, it’s very damned hard to get anything in a size 18 that isn’t just a big square sack with holes for the arms and neck. And if we did, we’d get told it’s our own fault for being so fat!

  • AnonyS says:

    “You can either be jolly and fat or a skinny bitch.”–Cathy from The Big C

  • weregoat says:

    she might try shopping in the little girl’s section

    too-skinny people annoy me. GET IT TAILORED AND SHUT UP

  • Jenneh says:

    The manufacturers keep changing the sizes on us. There’s no possible way my jeans should still have the same number on them that they had when I was in high school. It’s been 20 years, 2 kids, and 20 lbs since then.

    I got confirmation of this just this week when I made a dress from a vintage 1952 pattern. According to those measurements, I’m a size 12. In “modern” sizing, I wear a 4. How ludicrous is that?

  • mary says:

    Whatever fatties


  • ihappybutt says:

    I’m a skinny bitch…but I would not go as far as to floss it. Lord, I’d rather have people like me, not had me.

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