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01.Sep.2010 #616

Facebook_Status_that_is_ANNOYINGChurn my stomach? Don’t be silly.

A stomach churn sounds lovely compared to what happened when I read your update. I fuckin’ CUT OUT MY UTERUS WITH A JACK-O-LANTERN CARVER. Because if “appreciating this” is what happens when you become a parent, you can count me out.

I didn’t think I was going to have to do this, but let’s add these words to the list of shit I NEVER ever EVER want to see in my update feed again:

  • runny poop
  • peed out her butt
  • tear
  • yeast infection
  • butt threw up
  • little red bumps (in reference to vaginas)

Can moms should have their own Facebook now? They’re ruining ours.

Thanks for sending, V. I guess.

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  • Nunquam says:

    Haa, okay, the butt throwing up thing is kind of cute, in that “oh you’ll never guess what Timmy said!” sort of way.. But I do agree- it has no place on Facebook.

    These are things you talk about with your other friends IN PERSON over like tea or coffee or something. a;fla;sdf I’m all down for moms getting their own Facebook.

    Though this begs the question- what would a DADBOOK look like?

  • ladycrim says:

    Wow. My tubes just tied themselves.

  • Samantha says:

    cool! your self-inflicted surgical procedure sounds painful, but now all you need is a tealight and you’ll never have to buy a pumpkin again! coot-a-lantern!

  • Monica says:

    I’m a mom myself, so I didn’t mind all those comments *too* much… but man oh MAN I LMAO when i read YSIA’s commentary!!!

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