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07.Sep.2010 #619

status223I comprehend very little of what T is saying, but I’m pretty it translates to this:

Just read Romeo and Juliet – which I had been watching Showtime instead. I heard that play was old, but I think it might be a little bit older than that.

YSIA is like the new Babel Fish for dumbass status updates. You’re welcome. And thanks to G. for submitting!

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  • sk says:

    Actually, it’s more, “I’m so cultured that I’ve managed to ignore one of the most enduring literary trends in historical fiction and think the ONLY other fictional retelling of one of most dynastic British royal families was a crappy melodramatic series on SHOWTIME. Not HBO, but SHOWTIME. And I’m going to make a beeline comparison between said crappy series and SHAKESPEARE, showing I don’t know my asshole from my face-hole.”

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