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13.Sep.2010 #624

status226Of course facebook needs to know about Olivia‘s monthly cycle, Shaina! How else do you think she got the nickname “Ol’ Uterus-Business Loud-Mouth“?

Thanks to S. for submitting!

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  • Guest says:

    Y’know, for someone who mocks misspellings, you should know that it’s spelled “uterus”.

  • @Guest: no one should ever even write down the word “uterus” let alone spell it correctly. In protest of writing the awful word I chose to mangle it’s correct spelling. You know, in protest.

    Though since it’s bothers you I fixed it. You’re welcome!

  • mary says:

    I assumed a herpes flare up. I’m a little disappointed

  • Sissy says:

    @Mary: I’m with you – I think Shaina incorrectly assumed anyone would refer to their getting their period as a flare up.

  • tigerlily says:

    Fibroid cysts make menstruation extremely painful. I’m guessing it is menstruation, not herpes. But still, thanks for sharing. She’s clearly not got Victorian sensibilities.

  • ShananaBanana says:

    If you read Olivia’s comment on her status, you’ll notice the word MIDOL.

    Also, Olivia is fifteen. She doesn’t have herpes.

  • Sissy says:

    Yeah, heaven knows a fifteen-year-old is physically incapable of getting herpes.

  • ShananaBanana says:

    I happen to know she’s a virgin. And I also happen to know that she DOES get very bad breakouts on her period.

  • Bex says:

    Oh, ShanaBanana. You don’t need to feel so guilty about submitting your friend’s uber-gross post about her period-herpes-cysts. Take a MIDOL and chill.

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