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02.Nov.2010 #677

And now it’s time for…
Starring: total voting geniuses.
2.1Voting Lesson 1: The only ID/verification you will need at the polls is some sort of anatomical or physical proof that you are 16. Or whatever the voting age is these days.
2.2Voting Lesson 2: When “everybody saying go vote” but you don’t know “wat” you’re voting for because you “wrk” “to” much for tv (?), you totally are excused from voting.
2.3Voting Lesson 3: If all this “voting bullshits” pisses you off, feel free to use your ballot to make origami or for scrap paper or just rip it up.
2.4Voting Lesson 4: If you waste millions of “dollors” on advertising, the woman on a horse is not voting for you.
2.5Voting Lesson 5: Pizza!

I do hope that these LESSONS IN VOTING will prove to be essential to your voting experience… if not essential to your life.

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