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22.Nov.2010 Handi-Capable

Peter makes a really good point.

Further more, do deaf people get earwax? Can mute people eat?? Do paraplegic’s fingernails and toenails grow*???

Thanks to A. for submitting!

*I actually don’t know the answer to that last one… anyone know?

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  • D says:

    Do paraplegic’s fingernails and toenails grow*???

    Yes they do. I used to work at a nursing home as a high schooler and some younger paraplegics whose families couldn’t take care of them lived there. I used to help the activities coordinator plan out the non-medical activities provided by the facility. The paraplegics definitely were in need of the nail trimming/grooming services that facility provided.

    On topic: Poor Molly. She’s wasting valuable brain cells here. It’s like trying to train a slug to run a 4-minute mile. :(

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