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25.Nov.2010 “Happy” Thanksgiving

No explanation…

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • carih says:

    I don’t get it.

  • wurdnurd says:

    Oohhhhh…I think I get it. Don/Nanny is the person in the profile pic. This is a post ridiculing a transgendered person. Lovely.

  • Plucky says:


    Actually, the joke is that this woman clearly doesn’t know how to use facebook. The first status is a little Christmas greeting, signed by her (Don), and her two dogs (Nanny and Bailey). The second status is her responding to an App request from her friend Shirley. Don doesn’t realize that posting in her status won’t send a direct message to Shirley…

    But THANKS for saying that my Aunt looks like a transgendered person. You seem really nice.

  • Monica says:

    HAHA ^ ::snort::

  • Rose says:

    I think Don is the Nanny, and that (he? she?) for some reason assumes “lol” means Lots of Love.

    BTW, awesome new layout! 😀

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