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15.Dec.2010 Tyour Fstatus is Mannoying

Being so extremely well read Perpetuating stereotypes of frat boys: TFM.

Thanks to E. for submitting!

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  • GDI says:

    Sitting in the ExxonMobil suite at the Mavs game and laughing at the poor people below us fighting for coupons dropped from a mini-blimp. TFM.

    Coming home and realizing you are still better than everyone you grew up with. TFM.

    As far as I am concerned there are only two countries, America and not America. TFM.

    i have never been more proud to be a GDI.

  • ladycrim says:

    This guys seems more like a TDB.

  • ladycrim says:


  • doodlebug says:

    I love that he finished his bourbon AND COKE in one gulp. That sounds pretty easy to me – and not very manly.

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