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01.Feb.2011 Cake is Always Better When Moist

Today’s post comes to us from my favorite blog in the world (besides this glorious blog, of course): Cake Wrecks. The blog is all about professional cakes that go “horribly, hilariously wrong”, and trust me, it is hilarious. Lucky for us, this cake was taken off facebook and thus is completely relevant to this blog (just go with it).

I mean, I know that 21st birthdays are all about boozing and sexing, but did you really have to get a cake with a vagina shoe on it?

There are 5 Comments to "Cake is Always Better When Moist"

  • ladycrim says:

    Looks like someone’s been vajazzling.

  • Joolz says:

    This is the first time I’ve disapproved of a post! This status is not annoying because it is taken from the facebook profile of someone who obviously gets Cakewrecks. And you do, too,so why is this annoying? I just CAN’T “go with it.” (Nice try, though.)

  • Joolz says:

    This just tells me I need to submit more of my friends’ horrible status updates. 😉

  • Hai Dee says:

    Joolz – Actually, it was captured off of someone’s Facebook and sent into CakeWrecks. If you look at CakeWrecks, the Facebook stuff is already there.

  • Ever says:

    rofl I think Joolz needs to take a chill pill and just enjoy the hilarity.

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