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28.Jan.2011 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

GOD DAMN! And when she cuts up my peanut butter and jelly sammies she is SUCH! A! BEE-YOTCH! And then she makes me wear a romper I want to slap her like the whore that she is! When she pushes me in my swing I am like FUCK OFF SLUT FACE and I kick her in the baby-maker so she cannot ever have a child ever again and MAKE HER LIFE MISERABLE because she is such a ho-faced-dog-ass-breathed-shit-butthead of a woman. GAWDDDD. Moms can be such annoying a-holes! Suck my ass and die!

I mean, suck my ass and die after you give me my allowance. THEN SUCK MY ASS AND DIE TWICE!!! GAWD!

Thanks to MS for sending, and coming up with the groovy title.

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