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13.Nov.2009 #252


From our submitter, Samantha (THANKS! You’re hired):

see, everyone was having fun quoting Mitch Hedberg until Kari showed up… and promptly CTRL-Z‘ed two thousand years of cultural advancement by all of human civilization.



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  • MTP says:

    Wow- we are measuring two thousand years of cultural advancement on whether or not someone knows and can quote Mitch Hedberg? Sounds like a case of the “I know of an actor/artist that you don’t, and am therefore culturally supeior”. He is a COMEDIAN for god sakes.

  • Samantha says:

    Not “we”…. “I” am.

    My standards are different than yours… but also superior…

    (Although everybody knows that Jesus, the Gutenberg press, contraception and Mitch Hedberg are the greatest inventions of the last two millenia).

  • Samantha says:

    ok let me CTRL-Z that one, Mitch Hedberg is not an invention… and blogging, glitter and Lady Gaga should’ve probably made that list too…

  • lovesdanny says:

    Yeah, Samantha, you may be superior, but you’re snotty. Although Kari (who is not obligated to know who the hell Mitch Hedberg is) probably should have notice that all the other “random” comments were funny.

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