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25.Feb.2011 Freaky Friday

Oh, I get it. Beer thirty means it’s time to drink. Because it’s in the same format as a time of day would be, except in place of the hour is the word “beer”. Like drinking. Hilarious. How did all three of this comical geniuses (the likes of which this world hasn’t seen since the […]

15.Dec.2010 Tyour Fstatus is Mannoying

Being so extremely well read Perpetuating stereotypes of frat boys: TFM. Thanks to E. for submitting!

01.Dec.2010 !El Inglés es Difícil¡

No manors [sic], rude and a little trouble with English? Sounds like someone else I know, Meagan. Or should I say Meagxican. Thanks to N. for submitting!

17.Nov.2010 Etiquette Schmetiquette

Oh, well as long as you sent him a message about it… Thanks to L. for submitting!

15.Oct.2010 #660

Man, I thought it was bad when pregnant women were gushing about pregnant woman things… but I think this is worse. Thanks to T. for submitting!

07.Sep.2010 #619

I comprehend very little of what T is saying, but I’m pretty it translates to this: Just read Romeo and Juliet – which I had been watching Showtime instead. I heard that play was old, but I think it might be a little bit older than that. YSIA is like the new Babel Fish for […]

27.Aug.2010 #611

Touché, Samuel.

23.Aug.2010 #605

Judging by how much you’re acting like a pussy, I highly doubt your boner is massive. Thanks to our submitter, J.!

16.Aug.2010 #598

y the pigs haras mathew when he ain’t no protectoin? caroupt shit, hun. Thanks to B. for submitting!

11.Aug.2010 #593

“If you’re going to quote yourself, at least make it somewhat coherent.” –Your Status is Annoying Thanks for submitting, J!