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13.Jul.2010 #558

Nailed it, Peter. I guess with all the drinking you do it was inevitable that this would happen. And I guess with all the status updating you do is was inevitable that you would end up on here three times (see here and here). Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

07.Jul.2010 #550

Interesting… when I “consider to spoil myself” it most likely means that Daddy’s gettin’ a candy bar. Not a porsche. And I am certainly not traveling to Europe to retrieve said porsche candy bar. CVS, maybe. Thanks to D. for submitting and for the adorable privacy monkeys!

19.May.2010 #487

“Interesting to note that according to our submitter, Taylor does not have a girlfriend.” -Your Status Is Annoying Thanks for sending, J!

06.May.2010 #471

What was submitted (thanks N!): What I see:

30.Apr.2010 #465

I’m anticipating that the rest of the conversation went a little something like this: Blaine: So you don’t want me to fix your truck? Leanna: I’m not that worried about the truck right now, my sister just died. Blaine: So… I don’t need to fix the truck when I come over? Leanna: Maybe you shouldn’t […]

19.Apr.2010 #447

To express how I feel about these flurry of status updates, I’ve decided to ghost write for Brian. Thanks to A. for submitting, and thanks to Brian for letting me borrow his status template for that last one…

04.Mar.2010 #393

M, this would only be a problem if someone invited you to an event — which I’m assuming is not the case. Thanks for playing! And thanks to our anonymous submitter!

11.Feb.2010 #368

So, as it turns out, Geoffrey’s wife got a hold of his facebook password… Apparently the old ball-and-chain was none-too-pleased about about him not having a job and screwing around on dating sites. Which… are weird things to be mad about. And in case you’re wondering how Geoffrey’s wife edited the “About Me”  section, see […]

25.Jan.2010 #347

  Finally, someone who gets me. Thanks to our anonymous submitter. People giveit the fuck up.

19.Jan.2010 #339

In case you don’t know what’s going on here, allow me to fill you in. -Scotty Brown is running for the Senate. He loves his truck. -B@rack Ob@ma is the President of the United States. He doesn’t think someone should be elected into the senate just because they have a truck. -Chad is a dicklord. […]