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13.Dec.2010 Fugly Sluts

OMG Saraaaah is totally right. How disgusting and desperate do you have to be to try and boost your ego via a facebook status? That hoe is a total bulldog garden snake tramp who looks like a rubber doll house and has no class. Unlike me (and Saraaaah). Thanks to our submitter, J., who has […]

09.Nov.2010 #683

I always forget that “adhesive” doesn’t mean “grower” too, Sara! Too bad Christopher wasn’t there sooner with his exact definition… Also, maybe Sierra (pot) will realize tomarrow [sic] that calling Sara (kettle) names (black) isn’t very nice. Thanks to L. for submitting!

22.Oct.2010 #668

According to, the definition of “shout out” is: To pass respect to/mention of a relative/girlfriend/boyfriend/ethnic group//city/country/state/college/planet and increasingly being employed by Linux/Unix geeks on a radio station/television station ESPECIALLY that god-awful show Total Request Live. While this definition may be a little outdated (remember TRL?), the key word there is respect. Maybe next time […]

17.Aug.2010 #599

The infamous petitepost caused quite a stir here on YSIA, and I have to say that despite my love for all you petite fans out there (lylas) – it’s still annoying when a skinny bitch “complains” about being so skinny. No one feels bad for you. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

12.Aug.2010 #595

My imagined letter to the school (from Heather): hey you bitches, what the eff? why the eff did you give me a FULL DAY of classes? i mean, it’s my first attempt at senior year! when i’m held back for poor attendance and general bitchiness next year, you had better not scedule me for the […]

16.Jun.2010 #524

Wait for it… Wait for it… …aaand your iPhone is obsolete. Congrats! Thanks to “Mr LA” for submitting!

07.May.2010 #473

These girls are like walking, typing stereotypes – even down to their names. It’s exhausting. At least if you’re going to throw your “pedi” in my face like the Sephora make-up you over wear, don’t be named Brittany. I also discovered that if you read this status and replace the word “pedi” with “ride on […]

28.Apr.2010 #460

I’m so fucked up I set my hair on fire and had to get my left buttcheek amputated and got roofied and robbed and I peed on my mom and ran over three senior citizens and accidentally put my cat in the microwave instead of the burrito! WOOOO! Awesommmmeeeeee! Right? Thanks for sending, M!

15.Apr.2010 #443

This is… awful. No one should have to see this. Find out what our submitter (thanks L.!) thinks of Finton below (her comments are in black over the images): Well pleaded, L.

24.Mar.2010 #416

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Shut it, attention-seeking skinny-minny. You and Lisa should hang out and complain about how your ribs show through your shirts. Thanks to H. for submitting!