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25.Feb.2011 Freaky Friday

Oh, I get it. Beer thirty means it’s time to drink. Because it’s in the same format as a time of day would be, except in place of the hour is the word “beer”. Like drinking. Hilarious. How did all three of this comical geniuses (the likes of which this world hasn’t seen since the […]

14.Dec.2010 Well I’m the sickest person alive… so…

Well I pretty much haven’t been out of bed in a year… so… I’ve been in bed a lot longer than you have. So… And my iud slipped out twice, so I had twins. And then those twins had twins, so… basically I’m the queen of iud slip-outs. And I’ve basically had the roughest year, […]

29.Sep.2010 #646

Ack! Why didn’t the casting directors for Glee think of that?! I mean sure, the show would have been awful with Emma prancing around, showing off her 3 years of Jazz/Tap training from Donna Pinzone’s Dance Studio in Skokie, Illinois, but THINK OF THE TIME THEY’D SAVE ON REHEARSALS. Thanks to our submitter D.!

28.Sep.2010 #644

Final friend count: 0. Realistically, it’s going to be more like a 1… that’s because her mom is on facebook. :–) Thanks to T. for submitting!

27.Sep.2010 #642

Jean and I share that in common. Loving thievery, that is. Thanks to J. for submitting!

22.Sep.2010 #638

Reuben: remind me again where you live? Thanks to C. for submitting!

31.Aug.2010 #614

Ok, so this dude Kim threw on a dress and someone complimented him on it. I don’t get what the big deal is. RuPaul does it all the time and he’s not parading it around on facebook.

23.Aug.2010 #605

Judging by how much you’re acting like a pussy, I highly doubt your boner is massive. Thanks to our submitter, J.!

13.Jul.2010 #558

Nailed it, Peter. I guess with all the drinking you do it was inevitable that this would happen. And I guess with all the status updating you do is was inevitable that you would end up on here three times (see here and here). Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

07.Jul.2010 #550

Interesting… when I “consider to spoil myself” it most likely means that Daddy’s gettin’ a candy bar. Not a porsche. And I am certainly not traveling to Europe to retrieve said porsche candy bar. CVS, maybe. Thanks to D. for submitting and for the adorable privacy monkeys!