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13.Jan.2011 Well Tell Us How You Really Feel

OOOOOOOOKKKKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEESSSSSUUUUUSSSSS CCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I’m calling To Catch a Predator. I have a suspicious feeling about this Eva person. Thanks to D for sending!

20.Dec.2010 ¡W€dd∫ñG †ïM∑!

May your wedding hair be as beautiful as your profile picture, may your love-making be as frequent as your status updates, and may your marriage be as happy as I am when I read these updates. Thanks to P. for submitting!

13.Dec.2010 Fugly Sluts

OMG Saraaaah is totally right. How disgusting and desperate do you have to be to try and boost your ego via a facebook status? That hoe is a total bulldog garden snake tramp who looks like a rubber doll house and has no class. Unlike me (and Saraaaah). Thanks to our submitter, J., who has […]

05.Nov.2010 #680

Did someone’s mommy ground him again? Thanks to N. for submitting!

21.Oct.2010 #667

Let’s just hope – for Jakia’s sake – that Predator doesn’t have facebook. Because if he did, he’d probably annihilate her being so annoying. Exhibit A: Thanks to K. for submitting!

20.Oct.2010 #666

No, Robin – you seem like a really great employee. I can’t imagine why your boss would have any issues with you. Thanks to G. for submitting!

24.Aug.2010 #606

If you can’t handle the like button, WHAT CAN YOU HANDLE? Thanks for sending, N.

16.Aug.2010 #598

y the pigs haras mathew when he ain’t no protectoin? caroupt shit, hun. Thanks to B. for submitting!

15.Jun.2010 #521

Cool your jets, Cristina. Have you seen the Italian soccer team? So fuck YOU, Cristina. YOU are annoying.

03.Jun.2010 #508

Some solutions to this problem include, but are not limited to: —Not renting movies in Blu-Ray —Shutting the hell up Thanks to J. for submitting!