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13.Sep.2010 #624

Of course facebook needs to know about Olivia‘s monthly cycle, Shaina! How else do you think she got the nickname “Ol’ Uterus-Business Loud-Mouth“? Thanks to S. for submitting!

31.Aug.2010 #614

Ok, so this dude Kim threw on a dress and someone complimented him on it. I don’t get what the big deal is. RuPaul does it all the time and he’s not parading it around on facebook.

30.Aug.2010 #613

You know what happened when I opened this reader submission? MY COMPUTER EXPLODED BECAUSE NADIA IS SO SMOKINNNNNNNNN’!!!!!!! Here’s a random, casual, candid pic of me at my office desk, taking a break from work: That’s how we roll in the YSIA office. What? Thanks for submitting, K.

23.Aug.2010 #605

Judging by how much you’re acting like a pussy, I highly doubt your boner is massive. Thanks to our submitter, J.!

04.Aug.2010 #584

Olivia, it’s cute when cats say stuff like that, but somehow it’s not so cute when you say it. Me-ow. Thanks to S. for submitting! [from]

12.Jul.2010 #555

At first when these updates started popping up, I thought the problem was that they were really, really annoying. Then I thought the problem was that April probably thinks she is some sort of celebrity or something and she’s going to grow up with some sort of warped image of reality and herself. Then I […]

01.Jul.2010 #543

Now I’d expect all this Twilight nonsense from the ladies, but really gentlemen? I expected more from you (somehow).

23.Jun.2010 #532

STOP BRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to J for sending.

16.Jun.2010 #523

Read this post, then go home to your boyfriend, or best friend, or wife, or mom, or lover/pool boy, and thank them for not being Melyssa. They may not know what you are talking about, but after reading this submission (from A — thanks!), I am aware how grateful I am for my friends, and […]

11.Jun.2010 #519

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” —Hamlet