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21.Jan.2011 Sea Sex and… Blood. Also, Xtina.

Coleman, we here at YSIA could not agree with you more. Also snubbed this year at the Golden Globes? Piranha 3D.

19.Jan.2011 Facebook Friends Like to be Tricked, Too

As a big fan of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, I thought maybe I was just frustrated at the yellow dude for not recognizing the hilariousness. Then I realized that it’s not just my bias, yellow dude is actually very stupid. Thanks to K. for submitting!

22.Dec.2010 May Your Home Be Blessed by the Star of Burlesque

Now, I’m going to give this one to Jim and assume he meant to say “cheer”. But even then it doesn’t make sense. Is facebook the only thing that makes cheer (Cher)? Does “extend a hand” mean tell them to join facebook? Is Jim a plant sent by facebook to make all our cheer-less friends […]

25.Oct.2010 #671

With Jason’s brilliant ideas, a major natural resource would be rapidly depleted, there would be no funding from the government (and no road maintenance or repair), and gallons of baby milk (what exactly is baby milk?) would go to waste. But, YES. Awesome ideas, Jason. Thanks to B. for submitting!

12.Oct.2010 #654

And now it’s time for… BOTCHED COMMONLY USED PHRASES WITH QUINESSA! That’s right YSIAers, tune in every October 12th around 5pm for a fun installment of phrases that used to make sense, before Quinessa got a hold of them. Look forward to next year’s post where Quinessa will spout botched phrases of wisdom such as: […]

05.Oct.2010 #650

Will one of our British readers (smoochies to you!) please find this guy and smack him? I’m too far away. Sure, we Americans may wear these: and we may eat this: and our butts may look like this: But! – dear James. I see you’re enjoying the fabulous social network we all know as Facebook. […]

23.Sep.2010 #639

Sounds like someone has never been hit on in her entire life. I mean, if I killed myself every time I got hit on, I’d be dead like thirty nine times in the past five minutes already. (I forgot to wear clothes today.) Thanks for sending, A!

17.Sep.2010 #631

My major issue with these status updates: how are Milk Duds poison on the inside? Also what did we tell you about quoting yourself, J Daniels? Thanks to J. for submitting!

07.Sep.2010 #619

I comprehend very little of what T is saying, but I’m pretty it translates to this: Just read Romeo and Juliet – which I had been watching Showtime instead. I heard that play was old, but I think it might be a little bit older than that. YSIA is like the new Babel Fish for […]

25.Aug.2010 #608

Trust me, Kristinn. We’ve been trying to get the “admins” of facebook to fix this online attack of the English language for quite some time now – to no avail. Perhaps you, in all your perfection punctuation and grammatical wisdom, can convince these admins to amend this growing problem. Thanks to H. for submitting!