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13.Sep.2010 #624

Of course facebook needs to know about Olivia‘s monthly cycle, Shaina! How else do you think she got the nickname “Ol’ Uterus-Business Loud-Mouth“? Thanks to S. for submitting!

09.Aug.2010 #588

Yep. That’s exaaaaactly what Jesus would do, T. The Son of Man would be proud. If you’re going to undermine your Facebook friends by “correcting” their status updates with entire Bible verses like T, please include the entire BIBLE. IN ARABIC. IN A COCKNEY ACCENT. WHILE YOU ARE SWALLOWING SWORDS. F you, T. Your Christianity […]

21.May.2010 #492

Wow, Alison must be some kind of poet or prophet or something. So artistic, so profound. Let’s read on… O, NVM

02.Mar.2010 #389

I think what Chris meant to say was especially if you burn the body. Thanks to our anonymous submitter, who no doubt touches “the lives” of many and always burns the body.


I hope Sarah got two bills in the mail from the pest control man. One for pest control and one for the  trauma and physical damage the pest control man endured from getting blue balls.

24.Feb.2010 #381

I’m just glad that Nick has such an array of supporters to keep him down to earth. If only Miley Cyrus had the same type of support. Thanks to K. for submitting!

11.Feb.2010 #368

So, as it turns out, Geoffrey’s wife got a hold of his facebook password… Apparently the old ball-and-chain was none-too-pleased about about him not having a job and screwing around on dating sites. Which… are weird things to be mad about. And in case you’re wondering how Geoffrey’s wife edited the “About Me”  section, see […]

09.Feb.2010 #364

Ooooooo, snap. Thanks for being such an asshole, Zac. We love assholes.

08.Feb.2010 #362

You know, after getting submissions like this and this and this, someone saying “is” instead of “are” on their status update doesn’t really bother me. Apparently Daphne has higher standards. Next time she’s going to school someone on their gammer, though, she should make sure she sends her critiques through spell check and tries reaaaaaaaally […]

22.Jan.2010 #344

I can see how Katelan was so confused. I mean… ASHLEY?!?!? WTF kind of name is ASHLEY? And Real World? Who has heard of such nonsense? Tip for Katelan: next time you’re confused, don’t release every fleeting thought that enters your mind. By staying silent, you could have fooled us into believing you weren’t a […]