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30.Dec.2010 How Does Your Baby Pronounce “Hussy”?

Why in the world would Katie disrupt this adorable (albeit mildly annoying) baby-talk status to share with the world her insecurities in dream form? I don’t walk into Katie’s motel room whilst she’s cheating on her husband to tell her about how my baby says “pascetti” instead of “spaghetti”, do I?? Thanks to A. for […]

24.Nov.2010 \nAnnoyed*

Key: THROT = throat OR lady parts HMU = hit me up… OR Harrison Middleton University NED = need OR her ex boyfriend’s name TA = a failed attempt at the state abbreviation for Tennessee OR some city called Ta \nSINGLE* =  no clue. who uses forward slashes anyway? Thanks to B. for submitting!

23.Nov.2010 I’m Not a Regular Mom I’m a COOL Mom

If you haven’t figured it out by now, S. is R.’s mom. Awkward. I can’t help but be reminded of this: Thanks to A. for submitting!

08.Nov.2010 #681

Like Romeo and Juliet; like Adam and Eve; like Little Caesar’s cheesy bread and me. Jackie and Ali have a romance for the ages. I’m just glad we were all here to witness such lasting beauty. Thanks to Jimmy Flanagan for submitting. And for being ballsy enough to ask us to include your full name.

23.Aug.2010 #605

Judging by how much you’re acting like a pussy, I highly doubt your boner is massive. Thanks to our submitter, J.!

12.Jul.2010 #555

At first when these updates started popping up, I thought the problem was that they were really, really annoying. Then I thought the problem was that April probably thinks she is some sort of celebrity or something and she’s going to grow up with some sort of warped image of reality and herself. Then I […]

30.Jun.2010 #541

Get ready YSIA-ers… it’s time for WORDS OF WISDOM with PETER! Peter gets us started with some words of wisdom that combines “sticks and stones…” and some sort of lovey-dovey thing. The next nugget of wisdom is about conquering life or mabye staying in the moment? Aaaand Peter’s final gem of advice is perhaps his […]

11.Jun.2010 #519

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” —Hamlet

13.May.2010 #479

Look everybody, it’s the Second Coming of Christ! I mean, it’s The Purge! If The Purge ever does happen, you can bet Alex’s friends will be psyched. I mean, who do you have to sleep with to be purged around here? Thanks for submitting, T. Promise you won’t purge us ever, we’ll just die.

27.Apr.2010 #459

Charming, Owen (what a sexy name, by the way). This status is perhaps made even more vile by the “give it to me” pose Owen is sporting in his profile picture. Thanks, Erica, for expressing what all of us are thinking: Ew.