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07.Feb.2011 Supper Bole 45

Close… Closer… Well, he spelled “Packers” correctly… Thanks to T., C. and D for submitting!

21.Jan.2011 Sea Sex and… Blood. Also, Xtina.

Coleman, we here at YSIA could not agree with you more. Also snubbed this year at the Golden Globes? Piranha 3D.

19.Jan.2011 Facebook Friends Like to be Tricked, Too

As a big fan of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, I thought maybe I was just frustrated at the yellow dude for not recognizing the hilariousness. Then I realized that it’s not just my bias, yellow dude is actually very stupid. Thanks to K. for submitting!

30.Nov.2010 Grammer Poleece

WEE-OO WEE-OO WEE-OO! Here comes Teri the Gammer [sic] Police. Stupid teenage friends can’t spell? Call the Grammer Police. Facebook friends abbreviating words? Grammer Police. Didn’t know that was actually a dictionary? Definitely Grammer Police. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

22.Nov.2010 Handi-Capable

Peter makes a really good point. Further more, do deaf people get earwax? Can mute people eat?? Do paraplegic’s fingernails and toenails grow*??? Thanks to A. for submitting! *I actually don’t know the answer to that last one… anyone know?


You know what’s more annoying than President Obama telling you to vote over and over again is? Megan M. telling everyone about President Obama telling us to vote over and over again. Although now that Megan M. has blasted “Barrack” all over the intra-web, I’m sure he’ll think twice before he interrupts my Ke$ha-listening time […]

09.Nov.2010 #683

I always forget that “adhesive” doesn’t mean “grower” too, Sara! Too bad Christopher wasn’t there sooner with his exact definition… Also, maybe Sierra (pot) will realize tomarrow [sic] that calling Sara (kettle) names (black) isn’t very nice. Thanks to L. for submitting!

02.Nov.2010 #677

And now it’s time for… LESSONS ON VOTING Starring: total voting geniuses. Voting Lesson 1: The only ID/verification you will need at the polls is some sort of anatomical or physical proof that you are 16. Or whatever the voting age is these days. Voting Lesson 2: When “everybody saying go vote” but you don’t […]

28.Sep.2010 #644

Final friend count: 0. Realistically, it’s going to be more like a 1… that’s because her mom is on facebook. :–) Thanks to T. for submitting!

14.Sep.2010 #626

I’m sure Nancy Grace will get right on this unique and terrifying potential intra-web scam, Cynthia! I have no idea how you even suspected foul play to begin with! Also, I’m pretty sure there is a Nigerian Prince out there who needs your help/some money. I’ll forward you the email.