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24.Jan.2011 What Rhymes With Vomit?

You know what sucks about some poets? They think everything they do is artistic and awesome and you cannot convince them otherwise. Cause they’re so artsy! It’s like trying to convince born again Christians that the Bible isn’t inerrant. Or maybe you wouldn’t understand. Cause you’re not artsy like Kelly and Staci. Hey guys, that […]

11.Oct.2010 #653

God is not as hot as my boyfriend Craig. Thanks to A. for submitting!

12.Aug.2010 #594

From our submitter, S (thanks!): Pass the sick bucket. Agreed. Sarah-Jane, get down ‘n’ dirty and let your man sit on your heart somewhere else. I can’t even see the computer screen anymore because it is covered with vomit. I think I’m typing, but I’m not even sure. Today is going to be a really […]

09.Aug.2010 #589

I can’t help but think of Romeo & Juliet when I read StephyBoo’s posts about her fair Hubby. It’s like reading modern day Shakespeare. Let’s read on to StephyBoo’s information, shall we? Juliet was only 13 when she got married… I wonder what took StephyBoo so long?

17.May.2010 #483

Gawwwwd! Couples can be so annoying, can’t they? But take a closer look. P seems to to be expressing love for… himself? No, no, no, that isn’t right. Our submitter claims this is a couple — a couple who shares a single Facebook account. In that case, I hope they’ve figured out how to play […]

26.Feb.2010 #385

I think we can all agree that the cheating is fine, it’s the use of the phrase “making passion” that’s the real crime here. Thanks to H. for making passion to my inbox and submitting this status…

18.Feb.2010 #374

Based upon previous posts, I had assumed that mashed potatos [sic] was sex, penne was Carolyn’s boyfriend’s penis, and spankybuns was a sticky and sweet Pillsbury dessert. I mean, right? But the our submitter A (thanks!) informed me spankybuns is actually a sickening petname for Carolyn’s boyfriend. For the record: if My Boyfriend ever let […]

22.Jan.2010 #345

Now before we get too hasty with our judgments (thanks to our submitter AK, who added the artwork in red…), let it be known that Amy’s boyfriend’s name really is Peezy Weezy Poo. Not only that, it turns out Peezy Weezy Poo does not feel the same about Amy. Exhibit A:

21.Jan.2010 #343

All I can say is… “puddles” is the best pet name I’ve heard in a long time.

18.Dec.2009 #302

I know this is confusing so here are the facts: Ant and Anthoulla have been dating for two weeks. As in two weeks straight. Solid. Ant, as it turns out, does not want to have with Jon, but Jon does want to sex up Ant Jon called Ant out on playing an online game while […]