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13.Oct.2010 #656

Here’s hoping that if I ever get Benjamin as my doctor, that his mum doesn’t make him crab curry the night before…

31.Aug.2010 #614

Ok, so this dude Kim threw on a dress and someone complimented him on it. I don’t get what the big deal is. RuPaul does it all the time and he’s not parading it around on facebook.

23.Jun.2010 #532

STOP BRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to J for sending.

17.Jun.2010 #526

Moms are so embarrassing. Always asking if I remembered to pack my lunch for school in front of my friends; wearing her bunny slippers to get the mail; FARTING IN MY FACE ALL OVER MY NEWS FEED. At least this mom didn’t parade her fart-scapades via Ashley’s account like some other moms… Thanks to B. […]

27.Apr.2010 #459

Charming, Owen (what a sexy name, by the way). This status is perhaps made even more vile by the “give it to me” pose Owen is sporting in his profile picture. Thanks, Erica, for expressing what all of us are thinking: Ew.

22.Apr.2010 #453

Oh… no. Wait, what? Ok, Andrea, that’s gross. I can’t believe you thought to take the time to write this down, let alone on facebook. What could be worse than revealing this information?? Oh wait, there’s more? And there it is. Thanks for submitting T!

19.Apr.2010 #446

Whoever this lucky guys is, I’m sure he is shitting his pants right now. Let’s hope he is Facebook friends with Tiffany so he can see what he’s getting himself into. In case you didn’t have time to read the whole post, let me assure you, this status update has everything: A 30 year-old-ex-virgin who […]

11.Mar.2010 #401

I have color coded my comments for your convenience. RED: Thank you Treye, for expressing what everyone else was thinking. Little did you know that Nana doesn’t communicate other than facebook, so no dice on Treye’s good idea. ORANGE: How did this kid have three accidents at school and at home? What is she, a […]

03.Mar.2010 #390

I am not here to amuse you this morning. I am here to ask you: what the fuck is going on here!?!?!? I get these updates sometimes several times a minute. I get the gist of formspring (sort of, although these questions make me depressed about humanity), but who would feed it through Facebook? Why […]

22.Feb.2010 #377

Great story. Truly one for the grandkids. I feel as Tania’s life is a reality TV show in the making — it would be rich with scenes of Tania getting hit on and her getting all up in the guy (or girl’s) grill. The show could be called “The Logo On Tania’s Ass” or “YOUR […]