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24.Nov.2010 \nAnnoyed*

Key: THROT = throat OR lady parts HMU = hit me up… OR Harrison Middleton University NED = need OR her ex boyfriend’s name TA = a failed attempt at the state abbreviation for Tennessee OR some city called Ta \nSINGLE* = ┬áno clue. who uses forward slashes anyway? Thanks to B. for submitting!

17.Nov.2010 Etiquette Schmetiquette

Oh, well as long as you sent him a message about it… Thanks to L. for submitting!

08.Nov.2010 #681

Like Romeo and Juliet; like Adam and Eve; like Little Caesar’s cheesy bread and me. Jackie and Ali have a romance for the ages. I’m just glad we were all here to witness such lasting beauty. Thanks to Jimmy Flanagan for submitting. And for being ballsy enough to ask us to include your full name.

22.Oct.2010 #668

According to, the definition of “shout out” is: To pass respect to/mention of a relative/girlfriend/boyfriend/ethnic group//city/country/state/college/planet and increasingly being employed by Linux/Unix geeks on a radio station/television station ESPECIALLY that god-awful show Total Request Live. While this definition may be a little outdated (remember TRL?), the key word there is respect. Maybe next time […]

08.Jul.2010 #552

All I’m going to say about this status is that our amazing submitter (thanks N.!) labeled this photo “boner kill.” Boner kill indeed, “lonly” man.

29.Jun.2010 #539

Maybe Janice is really on to something… I hear that suicide hotline operators are now just reading movie reviews of The Karate Kid instead of counseling their depressed callers. I knew that Jaden Smith would save lives one day. Thanks to N. for submitting (and for the artwork)!

24.May.2010 #494

I find that NASCAR similes work in every instance. Just got dumped? Like a NASCAR just crashing into a wall and bursting into flames. Monday blues? Just like a NASCAR out of gas. Friends with crazy Holly? Precisely like a NASCAR who has to hide their annoying friends on their newsfeed because they can’t just […]

30.Apr.2010 #464

Where is Mark when you need him? Thanks for sending, H!

06.Apr.2010 #430

Take a bow, Nigel, on behalf of humorless pussies everywhere. You are their God. Thanks for being hilarious, Bekah. You’re Hired!

18.Mar.2010 #409

After Mark and Dan realized that they could work out their heartbreaks together, and potentially in the rain, our submitter (Thanks M!) took this photo of the two of them: