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24.Sep.2010 #640

Allow me to introduce you to the Renaissance Man of annoying status updates. Vague pleas for help status updates? Check. Obscure status updates that make sense to no one but him and maybe one other person? Check. Philisophical nonsense status update? Check. Butterflies? Check. Thanks to C. for submitting!

26.Aug.2010 #610

Back in my day we had to walk uphill to facebook in the snow. BOTH WAYS. And if we used those dagnabbit ellipses we’d get slapped on the wrist. SLAPPED ON THE WRIST I TELLS YA. And the incorrect conjugation of contractions? Well that would send ya to the fools corner where ya’d hafta sit […]

20.Jul.2010 #567

Allow me to paraphrase each choc-full-o-wisdom status. Status 1: Some people have your back. Status 2: Heartbreak doesn’t excuse a man for acting a fool. Status 3: Women hate to be lied to. Also gay lovers. THANKS TO L. FOR SUBMITTING.

28.Jun.2010 #537

Kudos to Julie for her earnest efforts to expedite the destruction of the English language with the ‘Brevetionary, her self-created language brimming with bile-inducing words like Jubes (abbreviation of ‘jubilatory’ or, a synonym for Julie) and Ambulatory (which is actually a real word in the real dictionary.) Sound confusing? Don’t worry, she has a whole […]