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09.Jul.2010 #554

Wow. I’m assuming that is not where Megan saw that going. I don’t know which is worse… the generic “put this in your status” status or the heinous comment slay that follows. Thoughts? Thanks to A. for submitting!

28.Jun.2010 #537

Kudos to Julie for her earnest efforts to expedite the destruction of the English language with the ‘Brevetionary, her self-created language brimming with bile-inducing words like Jubes (abbreviation of ‘jubilatory’ or, a synonym for Julie) and Ambulatory (which is actually a real word in the real dictionary.) Sound confusing? Don’t worry, she has a whole […]

03.May.2010 #466

I know what you’re thinking: Scott sucks. But wait for it… Hey Scott, um, if you love the Civil War so much, why don’t you marry it? Or like, why don’t you go back to 1861? Nobody wants you here. I went back and forth in my mind whether I should post this or not […]

15.Apr.2010 #442

Yeah… totally…  (??) Sorry, Carlos. When you find the perfect song for your status, it is a CRIME not to use it. NO MATTER WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT.