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16.Aug.2010 #598

y the pigs haras mathew when he ain’t no protectoin? caroupt shit, hun. Thanks to B. for submitting!

26.Jul.2010 #574

Wow, that sentence is so complex I don’t even know what it means. Or maybe I don’t know what it means because it doesn’t make any sense. Kudos for using the online Thesaurus, Julie. You can get off your soapbox, now. Thanks to S for sending!

29.Jun.2010 #538

He’s right, you know. (About the clocks.) Thanks for sending, M.

28.Jan.2010 #352

What’s that, Lassie? You say Timmy fell down the well? I’m not totally sure what this person is trying to communicate. But I do know that I don’t want to know about the bacteria in her urine. Thank you to our anonymous submitter!