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08.Nov.2010 #681

Like Romeo and Juliet; like Adam and Eve; like Little Caesar’s cheesy bread and me. Jackie and Ali have a romance for the ages. I’m just glad we were all here to witness such lasting beauty. Thanks to Jimmy Flanagan for submitting. And for being ballsy enough to ask us to include your full name.

20.Oct.2010 #666

No, Robin – you seem like a really great employee. I can’t imagine why your boss would have any issues with you. Thanks to G. for submitting!

14.Sep.2010 #625

At least she spelled “walk” right. Thanks for sending, B!

26.Aug.2010 #610

Back in my day we had to walk uphill to facebook in the snow. BOTH WAYS. And if we used those dagnabbit ellipses we’d get slapped on the wrist. SLAPPED ON THE WRIST I TELLS YA. And the incorrect conjugation of contractions? Well that would send ya to the fools corner where ya’d hafta sit […]

16.Aug.2010 #597

Obama may be a faggy Muslim*, but at least he knows how to use pronouns. Also, before we decide whether or not a mosque should be built at Ground Zero, let’s make sure we know what a mosque is. Thanks for sending, R. *What am I saying. Everybody knows that Muslims can’t be gay.

23.Jul.2010 #573

Thank you, Judy, for being brave enough to reveal the depths and intricacies of your being and sharing with us the multi-facets of your facebook quizzeries. While most of us squares/suits fit perfectly in to, say, blue, you managed to not let the one-note result of this quiz stop you from being more than just […]

14.Jul.2010 #559

I’ve heard that if someone threatens suicide it means they won’t actually go through with it. Does this mean it’s true?

06.Jul.2010 #547

This is how Peter decided to celebrate the birth of America: drunk FBing (seemingly alone.) Molly Elizabeth is awake, though, but sad. Could she be Peter’s sweetheart? If I were Peter’s girlfriend (which I’m not, wink, wink, CRAIG), I would be sad, too. Depressed, really. I’d feel as if the entire idea of freedom and […]

01.Jul.2010 #542

Yeah, we can’t fucking wait ’till you get out of cell/internet/power range, too. GET. OUTTA TOWN GIRLFRIEND. We’ll let you know when you can come back. Thanks for sending, S!

24.Jun.2010 #534

A lesson in Australian politics, via submitter K (thanks!): Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (voted in 2007) stepped down, and without mention of election, was succeeded by PM #2, Julia Gillard. In Australia, voting is compulsory. Australia will not hold secret elections and then fine citizens for not voting. Nobody has two prime ministers. This post: […]