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22.Oct.2010 #668

According to, the definition of “shout out” is: To pass respect to/mention of a relative/girlfriend/boyfriend/ethnic group//city/country/state/college/planet and increasingly being employed by Linux/Unix geeks on a radio station/television station ESPECIALLY that god-awful show Total Request Live. While this definition may be a little outdated (remember TRL?), the key word there is respect. Maybe next time […]

21.Jul.2010 #568

And in recent Annoying Facebook News, Luke dedicates an entire group to his month of no booze, no drugs, no masturbation, and no sex for a month. But mostly he just talks about his abs and whey protein. ANY QUESTIONS JUST DROP HIM A MESSAGE GUYS!! ;-). Why does this dumb spiritual/physical quest remind me […]

06.Jul.2010 #547

This is how Peter decided to celebrate the birth of America: drunk FBing (seemingly alone.) Molly Elizabeth is awake, though, but sad. Could she be Peter’s sweetheart? If I were Peter’s girlfriend (which I’m not, wink, wink, CRAIG), I would be sad, too. Depressed, really. I’d feel as if the entire idea of freedom and […]

25.Jun.2010 #535

Yes, Josh. Everyone should have such high standards as you do. Nice Ed Hardy shirt. Also, you look like a rapist. Thanks to A for sending.

19.May.2010 #487

“Interesting to note that according to our submitter, Taylor does not have a girlfriend.” -Your Status Is Annoying Thanks for sending, J!

09.Feb.2010 #364

Ooooooo, snap. Thanks for being such an asshole, Zac. We love assholes.