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14.Oct.2010 #658

A bunch of miners get stuck underground for over two months and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? On an unrelated note: I don’t know why those miners were complaining about living in a tiny shit-hole for 69 days… I have friends who have lived in Newark, NJ their whole lives. [insert rim shot here]

09.Jul.2010 #554

Wow. I’m assuming that is not where Megan saw that going. I don’t know which is worse… the generic “put this in your status” status or the heinous comment slay that follows. Thoughts? Thanks to A. for submitting!

14.Jun.2010 #520

You know, I am a huge bitch who makes fun of everyone, but I was a bit confused when I saw this in the YSIA inbox. This woman’s profile pic is of her nursing her baby. And I don’t see the big deal. I’m not psyched about it like S is, but I think nursing […]

10.Feb.2010 #366

Ah yes, classic case of girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl and boy boink, girl gets knocked up, boy denies fatherhood due to girls sketchy behavior, girl takes DNA test and announces it to the world that boy is father, and mother of boy defends her son on girl’s facebook status. […]

17.Nov.2009 #255

I must admit, I was excited to see this status update in the old inbox this morning. It’s hard for me to concentrate on how annoying Jonathan is — that six pack is sort of distracting. But then I read the accompanied text, written by our submitter, J (thanks!): OK so this falls under the […]

23.Oct.2009 #229

I’d like to thank our submitter, C, for sending this in. I have to admit, though, I have mixed feelings about it. I am a huuuuuuge bee-yotch, but even my Grinch-esque heart swelled a bit to see Arif so grateful for his friends. (Who, well at least one of them, are evil, back-stabbing assholes. No […]

13.Oct.2009 #217

I woke up to this in my In-Box, with the following note attached: Oh Exalted One: You may be blazing the trail to Facebook salvation, but you just took 2 steps backward. I bet you still have a Myspace page. Love and Kisses, Samantha Now, I’ve always known that I love Annoying Status Call Outs, […]