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20.Jan.2011 These Little Nuggets Were Pretty Hard.

We have seen quite a few disgusting, foul and inappropriate baby poop references on this site, but in my opinion this one takes the cake. I’m all for the environment, but this just sold me on disposable diapers. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

23.Nov.2010 I’m Not a Regular Mom I’m a COOL Mom

If you haven’t figured it out by now, S. is R.’s mom. Awkward. I can’t help but be reminded of this: Thanks to A. for submitting!

12.Nov.2010 #686

If there is one thing I don’t want my mom bring up on my facebook page it’s my former obsession with Pokémon. Other things I don’t want brought up: My pog collection (though I did have an impressive number of slammers) My sticker books My Barney VHS tapes That time I ate a dog treat […]

30.Jul.2010 #578

You found poop, Jennifer? Are you sure it’s not yours? You sound way too proud, and I wouldn’t put it past you. ENOUGH WITH THE POOP TALK, MOMZ! Thanks for sending, J.