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02.Nov.2010 #677

And now it’s time for… LESSONS ON VOTING Starring: total voting geniuses. Voting Lesson 1: The only ID/verification you will need at the polls is some sort of anatomical or physical proof that you are 16. Or whatever the voting age is these days. Voting Lesson 2: When “everybody saying go vote” but you don’t […]

14.Oct.2010 #658

A bunch of miners get stuck underground for over two months and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? On an unrelated note: I don’t know why those miners were complaining about living in a tiny shit-hole for 69 days… I have friends who have lived in Newark, NJ their whole lives. [insert rim shot here]

01.Jun.2010 #504

What, Gary Coleman dies and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? If there’s one thing tackier than “honoring” the dead on your status, it’s following it up with a bad joke. At least think of something more creative.

14.Apr.2010 #441

Please note the time frame on this one. Correct: this submitter didn’t piece together these status updates, they were ALL IN A ROW in his newsfeed. But there’s more: This is getting out of hand. Is that comment even that funny? Oh, wait… more? If you’re still wondering what the hell this revolution we’ve all […]

15.Mar.2010 #404

YSIA I’m at Peter’s grave (I just dug it). about an hour ago via Twitter • Comment • Like • Thanks to S. for submitting

25.Feb.2010 #382

The Diary of Anne Frank Nicole: Dear diary, today my cast and I went to the park. I think I’m falling in love. Dear diary, my foot is so swollen that it’s spilling out the sides of my cast. My cast is blue. Deary diary, my cast and I had a sexy photoshoot today. I […]

15.Feb.2010 #370

According to Amanda, being poor, drunk and having a diet of Ramen noodles is a bad thing. In my book, being poor, drunk and having a diet of Ramen noodles is called “college”. Thanks to K. for submitting!

09.Oct.2009 #214

Get ready y’all, it’s time for a FACEBOOK MONTAGE! That’s right, whenever something so kick-ass or heinous happens and rocks your news feed like a computer virus that just won’t quit, we report on it – nay – we MONTAGE it. Here we have a small sampling of folks with a mixed reaction to the […]