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14.Sep.2010 #626

I’m sure Nancy Grace will get right on this unique and terrifying potential intra-web scam, Cynthia! I have no idea how you even suspected foul play to begin with! Also, I’m pretty sure there is a Nigerian Prince out there who needs your help/some money. I’ll forward you the email.

23.Jun.2010 #532

STOP BRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to J for sending.

03.Jun.2010 #508

Some solutions to this problem include, but are not limited to: —Not renting movies in Blu-Ray —Shutting the hell up Thanks to J. for submitting!

14.May.2010 #482

1. Carolyn, don’t try to act all bad ass with your nondescript probation announcement as if you’ve been busted for running a giant child pornography ring/day care. Getting your license and therefore mandatory probation ≠ hardcore. 2. “I can’t hit people or other cars.” I’m no laws expert, but I’m fairly certain that this applies […]

25.Mar.2010 #418

This girl is just a hot-bed of annoyingness – and keep in mind she is 29 years old. To answer your question, Becky, when people’s unemployment runs out they get a job. Or if you’re lazy, start blogging instead. I’m also pretty convinced that a 9 year old submitted this image… so… thanks for submitting, […]

17.Mar.2010 #407

I guess that Kimy forgot that no one is impressed that she drinks beer. I guess she also forgot that Kimy is spelled with two m’s. I wish she had saved us all the time and just written: UPDATE!! Thanks to Marc (kick-ass), we now know what Beer thinks about all this!

13.Jan.2010 #333

Deirdre seems to have scoured all the Ghana guide books out there — she knows what continent it’s in. And for all you out there who may not know, Africa is in the world. Which is in the Milky Way Galaxy. Which is in the Universe. After that, shit gets complicated. Also, this sounds suspicious […]

22.Dec.2009 #306

Can you imagine anything more hypocritical than griping about facebook while being ON facebook? What a whiny bitch. Completely unrelated: Don’t forget to become a fan of YSIA on facebook…

01.Dec.2009 #278

Ok, so you know you don’t have to write in third person. I mean, just type one letter. “I”. Come to think of it, you don’t have to write a ‘status message’ at all. Yeah, I think that’s the ticket… just stop writing them all together.

22.Oct.2009 #228

I feel like I’m in The Da Vinci Code! I have my super-secret-french-decoder and after hours of arduous word-trickery, I finally figured out that the letter a is replaced by the letter q. I think I speak for everyone on facebook when I say thank goodness Adam translated…