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09.Feb.2011 Fake FB Account Here!

My suspicion: “Daryl” is actually the government, and this FB profile was created to blast people with happily-married nonsense to brainwash them into getting hitched and having more babies and buying dishwashers and flying on Continental/United so the American race will increase and dominate the universe. And it’s so not working. I just sliced off […]

13.Jan.2011 Well Tell Us How You Really Feel

OOOOOOOOKKKKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEESSSSSUUUUUSSSSS CCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! I’m calling To Catch a Predator. I have a suspicious feeling about this Eva person. Thanks to D for sending!

03.Jan.2011 Dude Get That Shit Off My Wall Before I Smack It Off!

Not only is this Facebook note in itself annoying (only because I am annoyed with myself that I like movies, and it brings to my realization the fact that Michael is way better than me), Michael’s method of spreading his message irritates the shit out of me. About once a month he tags me in […]

17.Nov.2010 Doctor Douchebag Is Now Taking Calls

I hate it when people don’t appreciate a good opportunity. Thanks for sending, A!

Etiquette Schmetiquette

Oh, well as long as you sent him a message about it… Thanks to L. for submitting!

03.Nov.2010 #678

I wonder how Grace feels about the extremely-obvious raging-huge, mega-hard boner crush Garrett has on J.t. At least we know how Haley feels… she’s “just lettin keep goin itself”. Well put, Haley. Well put.

28.Sep.2010 #644

Final friend count: 0. Realistically, it’s going to be more like a 1… that’s because her mom is on facebook. :–) Thanks to T. for submitting!


Jackie is the reason underpaid, under-thanked, under-appreciated workers lose their minds and go on killing sprees. If I was bagging these girls’ groceries I wouldn’t just put the detergent with the fruit, I’d shit in the bag. I’d like to thank our anonymous submitter for sending (and the artwork), and apologize to our readers for […]

20.Sep.2010 #634

Wow, turns out Engaged People On Facebook are just as irritating as Engaged People In Real Life. * 4 posts about Melissa’s wedding in three days — 9 months before the big day (!) is a few too many. I’m imagining my feed will be assaulted in this fashion until June, until Melissa gives up […]

31.Aug.2010 #615

T’s at Best Buy Corporate! Quick … let’s go rob her house!* *Seriously, no one do that, please. Thanks for sending, C!