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30.Nov.2010 Grammer Poleece

WEE-OO WEE-OO WEE-OO! Here comes┬áTeri the Gammer [sic] Police. Stupid teenage friends can’t spell? Call the Grammer Police. Facebook friends abbreviating words? Grammer Police. Didn’t know that was actually a dictionary? Definitely Grammer Police. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

03.Nov.2010 #678

I wonder how Grace feels about the extremely-obvious raging-huge, mega-hard boner crush Garrett has on J.t. At least we know how Haley feels… she’s “just lettin keep goin itself”. Well put, Haley. Well put.

15.Oct.2010 #660

Man, I thought it was bad when pregnant women were gushing about pregnant woman things… but I think this is worse. Thanks to T. for submitting!

31.Aug.2010 #614

Ok, so this dude Kim threw on a dress and someone complimented him on it. I don’t get what the big deal is. RuPaul does it all the time and he’s not parading it around on facebook.

17.Aug.2010 #599

The infamous petitepost caused quite a stir here on YSIA, and I have to say that despite my love for all you petite fans out there (lylas) – it’s still annoying when a skinny bitch “complains” about being so skinny. No one feels bad for you. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

14.Jul.2010 #560

It seems like Grant is having some identity problems. Grant: are you a black or white? Small-town or big time? A hair stylist or dating a girl? So complex! I wonder if he’d cut my hair for free…

07.Jul.2010 #550

Interesting… when I “consider to spoil myself” it most likely means that Daddy’s gettin’ a candy bar. Not a porsche. And I am certainly not traveling to Europe to retrieve said porsche candy bar. CVS, maybe. Thanks to D. for submitting and for the adorable privacy monkeys!

06.Jul.2010 #548

This reminds me of that time that I hit my funny bone really hard. It hurt so bad it was like the fire of one thousand suns was tearing up my insides and bees were making nests in my eye balls. If anyone tries to tell you that hitting your funny bone isn’t a tragedy […]

23.Jun.2010 #533

First of all, being likened to Amanda Bynes is not really a compliment. Remember, Amanda Bynes looks like this (this photo may or may not be up-to-date): Plus Amanda Bynes just retired from acting, so maybe that guy was just saying that Carla looks old enough to retire. To conclude, let’s see what Christopher has […]

01.Jun.2010 #504

What, Gary Coleman dies and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? If there’s one thing tackier than “honoring” the dead on your status, it’s following it up with a bad joke. At least think of something more creative.