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20.Jan.2011 These Little Nuggets Were Pretty Hard.

We have seen quite a few disgusting, foul and inappropriate baby poop references on this site, but in my opinion this one takes the cake. I’m all for the environment, but this just sold me on disposable diapers. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

23.Nov.2010 I’m Not a Regular Mom I’m a COOL Mom

If you haven’t figured it out by now, S. is R.’s mom. Awkward. I can’t help but be reminded of this: Thanks to A. for submitting!

12.Nov.2010 #686

If there is one thing I don’t want my mom bring up on my facebook page it’s my former obsession with Pokémon. Other things I don’t want brought up: My pog collection (though I did have an impressive number of slammers) My sticker books My Barney VHS tapes That time I ate a dog treat […]

05.Nov.2010 #680

Did someone’s mommy ground him again? Thanks to N. for submitting!

15.Oct.2010 #659

Psht. Ain’t nobody gonna be telling me what I can and cannot wear to a Halloween shower. I mean baby shower. You’re pregnant — you would have pissed your pants, anyway. Thanks to J for sending.

13.Oct.2010 #655

Wow. Look how my interest in Cori’s day waned as I continued reading her status. I know, I didn’t think my interest could wane after mentions of scrapbooking either, but life is full of surprises. Thanks to K for sending.

08.Oct.2010 #652

You know, this is exactly why there needs to be some sort of contract to clear the murky waters that is social mother-child Facebook relationships. Moms. First of all, stop talking about baby poop. Then, listen up. If you agree to be friends with your kid, know this going in: you will see pictures you […]

17.Sep.2010 #632

You know what the WRONGEST thing about this whole POOP IN TUB HULLABALOO is? The kid’s name is Nolyn. I am serious. Does anyone out there know a normal person named Nolyn — spelled N-O-L-Y-N? That kid is going to grow up to a pedaophile at best. Thanks to K for sending!

01.Sep.2010 #616

Churn my stomach? Don’t be silly. A stomach churn sounds lovely compared to what happened when I read your update. I fuckin’ CUT OUT MY UTERUS WITH A JACK-O-LANTERN CARVER. Because if “appreciating this” is what happens when you become a parent, you can count me out. I didn’t think I was going to have […]

17.Aug.2010 #600

What size is your fart machine of a husband wearing these days, Lisa? And how do you tote him around? At least Lisa has a good attitude about all of this. I’m never getting married. Thanks, K, for sending.