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12.Nov.2010 #686

If there is one thing I don’t want my mom bring up on my facebook page it’s my former obsession with Pokémon. Other things I don’t want brought up: My pog collection (though I did have an impressive number of slammers) My sticker books My Barney VHS tapes That time I ate a dog treat […]

20.Oct.2010 #666

No, Robin – you seem like a really great employee. I can’t imagine why your boss would have any issues with you. Thanks to G. for submitting!

06.Oct.2010 #651

Wow, Facebook sure is neat-o, isn’t it? First they translated all the language into pirate talk and now it can make you sound like an incomprehensible, overly aggressive and irritating ho-bag. What fun! The only thing that disappointed me about this submission was that I could not add Tasha as a friend and I could […]

20.Sep.2010 #633

This charming young new dad clearly has a lot going on, what with the new baby and all. And by ‘a lot going on’ I mean he’s chilling at hempfest and figuring out how to draw wieners using keyboard characters. Thanks to E. for submitting!

15.Sep.2010 #627

Well I heard that the Nuva Ring can also give you a back massage and make you thinner and turns your “vag clumps” into bricks of gold which can be sold for cash! Thanks to M. for submitting!

03.Sep.2010 #618

From our submitter, M (thanks!): The one thing that I can say about this guy is that I hope he never goes abroad. We’d like to add to that: Have babies Breed Go outside Talk to anyone Have a Facebook account Favorite part of this conversation: How it takes Mathew forever to understand absolutely nothing. […]

30.Aug.2010 #612

Ahh, the day Amelia was born on. Also known as birthday. Also know as something a parent should really know about their child. And Marie – your profile picture is of you in your wedding gown… have you had that up for six years or did you forget your first wedding anniversary? Just checking. Thanks […]

19.Aug.2010 #603

At first I was really grossed out by this and just thought Leland was a total dumb assicle, but when you compare him to some of our other YSIA stars, he actually does seem sort of genius. I cannot believe I just said that. Thanks for sending, G!

16.Aug.2010 #597

Obama may be a faggy Muslim*, but at least he knows how to use pronouns. Also, before we decide whether or not a mosque should be built at Ground Zero, let’s make sure we know what a mosque is. Thanks for sending, R. *What am I saying. Everybody knows that Muslims can’t be gay.

02.Aug.2010 #580

Despite all the relationship woes of Step, Adam and steering wheel cover, I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK GOD Louis has still had time to work on his dancing. Thanks to our anonymous submitter! Dance with me?